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Myopia Management Options

For more information on myopia control and our Myopia Management Program, please view our dedicated Myopia Control page by clicking here.


At your visit to the practice, our Optometrists will discuss with you a tailored management plan that matches your child’s needs to have the most appropriate vision correction and control their myopia as they grow. As part of their Myopia Control Program, they will have regular follow-up appointments at scheduled intervals - including measurements to show whether the eyes have grown, proving whether their myopia is under control. To do this we use our Topcon MYAH axial length monitoring instrument. This is a state of the art non-invasive scanning instrument that maps and monitors changes in the growth of the eye over time.


To book a consultation with a Myopia Control specialist at our practice, click here or call the practice on 0191 2659898 to ask us any questions that you have


Ready to book a Myopia Management Consultation?

Here are some of the options that we offer for myopia management in children:

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Orthokeratology 'Night Lenses'

Since 2006, we have offered Orthokeratology 'Night Lenses' from age 6 they reshape the cornea overnight to allow for clear vision all day without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

MiSight® Contact Lenses

MiSight® soft daily disposable contact lenses are able to slow the progression of myopia in children and have the advantage of great comfort and ease of handling.

MiSight soft daily disposable contact lenses at Querido and Davidson opticians in Heaton
MiYOSMART® Spectacle Lenses

These innovative spectacle lenses are an exciting alternative way to manage the progression of myopia​ and offer an alternative to contact lens options.

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