Orthokeratology in Newcastle

Do your eyes feel dry with contact lenses in? Do you work in a dusty environment and find they are uncomfortable? Do you find that wearing glasses is inconvenient for sport and that they steam up regularly? 


How would you like a non surgical, fully reversible way to correct your vision, giving you freedom from glasses and contact lenses all waking hours? Then Orthokeratology may be the right solution to your problems.


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Orthokeratology Assessment at Querido & Davidson

At an Orthokeratology assessment we will offer you the best option to give you freedom from glasses and contact lenses during the day using one of the four manufacturers we have available Nocturnalens, iGo OVCParagon CRT, and EyeDream. That choice gives us flexibility and control over the success and results that we achieve.

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What are the advantages of Orthokeratology?

  • This is a fully reversible process.

  • You will have freedom from spectacles and contact lens wear all day.

  • You will have a significantly smaller outlay than for LASER surgery and you can pay monthly

  • You will be at very low risk of complications compared to LASER (comparable to normal contact lenses wear)

  • Orthokeratology treatment is very effective and advantageous with children, as it can slow down the development of progressive shortsightedness.

  • The procedure is adjustable to allow prescription changes to be made over time

  • It is also suitable at any age from around 6 years old