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Hearing care at Querido and Davidson in Heaton newcastle

Hearing Care in Newcastle

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Hearing Tests in Heaton, Newcastle

Have you been turning up the TV a little more than usual, or relying on the subtitles? It could be time to get your free hearing check in Heaton to find out why.

Located on Chillingham Road in Heaton, Querido & Davidson provides independent hearing care, with our friendly and welcoming staff eager to share their experience and knowledge so you can make the best decisions for your hearing.

If you're looking for a great day out around your hearing check, Chillingham Road boasts a number of independent bars, restaurants and cafes so you can relax before and after your appointment.

Struggling to get out to us? We can provide the same high level of care in a home visit.

Our hearing care professional Chloe Browne discovered her love of audiology young and moved from being an HCA to qualifying as a hearing aid dispenser. After working for both the NHS and private practice, she realised that private hearing care allows her to spend more time with her patients so she can fulfil her passion for helping people. Family orientated Chloe knows how important connecting with your loved ones is - and wants to help you do just that through better hearing.

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Wax Removal In Heaton

If you are straining to hear or even feeling some mild discomfort in your ear, this could be down to a build-up of wax. While you might be tempted to rush to the doctor for ear wax removal, there is no need. You can have your ear wax removed at Querido & Davidson, in a simple and pain-free procedure that could improve your hearing in a few minutes - all carried out with completely face-mask friendly devices.

Your Audiologist
Chloe Browne Audiologist at Querido & Davidson

Chloe Browne


After starting as an optical apprentice at the age of 16 I quickly found my love for audiology and became a HCA, moving on to complete my degree as a hearing aid dispenser. I have worked for both NHS and private. In more recent years I have focused on solely private hearing care. The pace of work privately allows us to spend all the time we need with our patients to ensure the most premium and quality service is provided. My main focus is always my patient, I get great pleasure from helping people. 

Health and Personal

Outside of work I am very family orientated and spend all of my time with my partner, friends and family. I have recently started going to a boot camp which has given me some focus outside of work to do something for myself. 

Why Book A Free Hearing Test?

Hearing loss can happen for many reasons, but regardless of the root cause, you can always benefit from expert advice.


At Querido & Davidson, we can provide support for everything from tinnitus management to advising you on invisible and rechargeable hearing aids, with lifetime aftercare.


We also offer hearing aid batteries and up to a five-year warranty on hearing aids, as well as repair and servicing to make sure you can hear as clearly as possible.

Why not book your free hearing test today?

Customer Reviews

"Having just returned from my first "check-up” following the fitting of my new hearing aids about a month ago, I just


wanted to tell you how delighted I am not only with my hearing aids but also with the overall level of service that you

have given me"


- Jamie Powell -

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