Children's Eyecare

At Querido & Davidson, we offer high quality children's eyecare as well as eyecare for the whole family. We fully appreciate the concerns children and parents may have around attending for an eye test and wearing glasses.


Kids Eye Tests at Querido & Davidson

Our fully qualified and registered opticians are experienced in dealing with children's eyecare from a very young age and we have a range of tests available to tailor the sight test to each child.

If you have any concerns about your child’s vision it's always best to get your child seen by an optician

NHS eye tests are available to all children aged 16 and under and young people up to 18 in full-time education. There is also an NHS Voucher towards the cost of spectacles should you require them.

Querido & Davidson have been at the forefront of myopia management in children since 2006, being one of only a small handful of UK practices prescribing Orthokeratology contact lenses for children as young as six years old. Other recent innovations in myopia control now allow us to use a portfolio of spectacle and contact lens options to control myopia in children. The sooner these interventions are put in place, the more likely it is that the prescription will be kept at a lower level, keeping the eyes in better health in later life.

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Children's Eyewear

We stock a wide range of frames to suit children of all ages and dispensing is always supervised by a qualified member of staff who will ensure your child's glasses fit well, look good and give them the best standard of vision.

You'll find that we also stock a range of sports glasses and prescription swimming goggles in addition to actively fitting children with contact lenses allowing them to enjoy all the activities children do with a safe, convenient and functional vision correction.


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