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Dry Eye Management

Are your eyes dry, gritty, sore, watery or red? Then you may have Dry Eye Syndrome. Many people experience symptoms of dry eyes such as grittiness, burning, blurred vision, red eyes and even excessive watering in cold or windy conditions.

Dry eye can be caused by a number of components:​

  • Environmental factors - Air conditioning and central heating.

  • Task related - computer use, prolonged driving or reading

  • Contact lenses

  • Medications

  • General health problems

  • Other eye conditions e.g. Blepharitis

It is often a combination of factors which can cause increasing problems over time. There is no need to continue to suffer with this common aggravating problem.

There are a range of treatments for dry eyes. A full dry eye assessment will allow us to identify the cause of your dry eye and tailor a treatment regime to address the problem. At Querido & Davidson one of our resident Optometrists, Angela Henderson has a particular interest in Dry eye and would be happy to see you for a dry eye consultation.

With an individually tailored dry eye management plan your eyes will feel much more comfortable. We have many satisfied clients who have benefitted from this service thanks to Angela.

Dry Eye management at Querido and Davidson Independent opticians in Heaton Newcastle

At the beginning of 2015, I was afflicted by a painful case of 'dry eyes', which threatened various deadlines I faced as a freelance writer. But Angela's prompt treatment and ongoing care solved the problem - and kept me at work!

- Mr M Chaplin -

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