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Contact Lenses at Querido and Davidson independent opticians in Heaton Newcastle

Contact Lenses in Newcastle

As award-winning contact lens specialists, we are experienced in fitting contact lenses for complex prescriptions

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Contact Lenses at Q&D

During your Eye Examination, our Optometrists will use advanced instrumentation & equipment to help them to look in detail for any signs of eye disease, and to monitor changes within the practice at each successive visit. That way if something abnormal is detected in future, all the information can be easily collated and sent on to the hospital eye department for investigation at an early stage.

You will be made most welcome either as an NHS or private client. Your advanced eye examination will give you ample time (between 40 and 60 minutes) to express any concerns that you have and discuss all the findings at length with your Optometrist. Our diagnostic instrumentation is used to provide an in depth high standard of examination to all clients that opt for an advanced eye examination. You can even choose to upgrade from an NHS sight test to have an advanced eye examination for a small supplement.

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What we offer

We are experienced in fitting contact lenses for the following conditions, and situations:

  • Orthokeratology 'Night Lenses' - Reversible, overnight, non-surgical vision correction

  • Corneal dystrophy management - for Keratoconus & Pellucid Marginal Degeneration

  • Scleral Contact Lenses - for various conditions

  • Failed refractive surgery vision correction

  • Astigmatism

  • Irregular astigmatism, e.g. due to corneal trauma, LASER refractive surgery failure, and corneal grafts

  • Cosmetic, prosthetic lenses for aniridia, leukocoria, & heterochromia irides

We are passionate about our carbon footprint and recycling. We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly, which is why we recycle contact lenses and packaging. Just bring in your lenses, the blister packs, the soaking cases and we will take them off your hands.

Soft contact lenses at Querido and Davidson independent opticians in Heaton Newcastle

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Helping the environment

We recycle old contact lenses and their packaging, so please if you are having a clear-out, do drop off your old contact lenses at our Chillingham Road practice. In doing so, we reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. 


The lens, foil, plastic backing, and cases are all recyclable. Please bring your contact lens waste in a paper bag so that this can be handed in and recycled.

Get in touch with us to learn more.

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