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Specialist Medical Contact Lenses and Keratoconus Management 

Our Optometrist & Director John Davidson has over 20 years of experience in the field of specialist contact lens work. He has a particular interest in keratoconus, and other corneal dystrophies as well as managing post operative corneal grafts, and corneal scarring.


John was awarded two national awards for "Contact Lens practitioner of the year" in 2006 and "Contact Lens Practice of the year" in 2019.

Contact lens award
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Modern Scleral Lenses

Historically; Having used rigid corneal contact lenses for many years to manage conditions such as keratoconus, often patients struggled to achieve satisfactory comfort whilst wearing their lenses.


Large Scleral rigid contact lenses were difficult to manufacture and reproduce, rendering them suitable in only advanced medical eye conditions. Achieving great comfort and satisfactory vision has always been the challenge


In recent years the large number of modern specialist medical contact lenses has improved the outcome for most patients, who achieve excellent vision and comfort from their lenses.

But more recently still, Modern Scleral Lenses have revolutionised specialist contact lens practice. Modern Scleral lenses are approximately half the thickness of traditional Scleral lenses, and hence are more comfortable to wear.


They are also highly reproducible, durable, and can be manufactured in extremely complex shapes to fit any eye.

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Eye Surface Profile Technology at  Querido & Davidson

As a specialist contact lens practice at the forefront of medical contact lens practice, Querido & Davidson are the only practice in the North East of England to have invested in "Eye Surface Profile" technology.


Our ESP instrument allows us to scan the shape of the eye in 350,000 locations across its surface to allow us to design a tailor made contact lens that not only fits the cornea at the centre of the eye, but to rest comfortably on the white of the eye (the sclera) so that the lens fits like a glove. This gives the best comfort possible.


"Using ESP at Querido & Davidson has taken us a huge step further forward in achieving better outcomes for our patients. With faster fitting, reduced chair time and tailor made lenses that give the best possible outcome in terms of comfort and vision"

John Davidson BSc(Hons) MCOptom Prof. Cert. Glauc 

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