Vinyl Factory

Did someone say retro? Made on the outskirts of Paris, Vinyl Factory is inspired by the music and spirit of the 60’s and 70’s, with unique detailing that gets you into a pop and retro mood. Vinyl Factory takes us back to an earlier time and re-interprets classic, iconic models and updates them for today’s style conscious wearers.

Evocative names such as Bowie, Clapton and Marley are used and frames incorporate golden disc inserts in the guitar neck shaped end-tips which are inspired by the Fender guitar. Each frame is hand-made with great care with finishes such as laser engraving and metal colouring & plating. Sunglasses are fitted with polarized lenses and anti-reflective coating.

Vinyl Factory was born, and nothing would ever be the same in the world of optics ... No more uniforms and routine, make room for madness and bravery, let the music play !!!

The designers of Vinyl Factory started their redemption by creating eye-catching and original adverts, with smiling models and innovative displays. The result is vintage shapes rebooted with candy colors just like the little elephants flying across the room, and details soaked within musical substance.

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