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Are you looking for scleral contact lens fitting? As contact lens specialists, we fit and prescribe a huge variety of contact lens types to clients of all ages, & all prescription types.

With scleral lenses, you will find that they provide excellent comfort and superb vision to all prescription types not just to people with eye conditions such as keratoconus and corneal disease.

You will be offered our preferred choice depending on your needs from a range of scleral lens manufacturers across the world.

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Testimonial MR J Salcido

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At the end of February 2018, I broke my gas permeable contact lenses and could see almost nothing. I wasn’t sure what to do, I had just moved to England to work as a volunteer and my contact lens specialists were back in the United States. My Keratoconus eye condition doesn’t let me see much without my contact lenses. If I were to wait for an NHS specialist, I could have waited more than a month to be seen. To my great advantage, I was referred to Mr. John Davidson at Querido & Davidson Optometrists and received the help I anxiously needed.

I contacted Mr. Davidson and the staff at Querido and Davidson were prompt to find me an urgent appointment at the practice. Mr. Davidson was quick to ask for my medical records in NYC, and had my medical history ready for my appointment. My appointment was during a cold northeastern snowstorm, and yet the staff were very friendly and immediately offered me a cup of tea and made me feel welcome in the practice. I remember being astonished at the level of patient care at Querido and Davidson.

During the visit, Mr. Davidson was able to find the prescription necessary for my eye condition. It’s not easy to find the right prescription for my eyes, given my corneal transplant in the left eye, and a broken cornea in the right eye.  However, with a lot of patience from Mr. Davidson, he found me the right treatment and gave me provisional gas permeable contact lenses while my personalised contacts lenses arrived. The temporary lenses allowed to continue my work and daily routine. After a couple of weeks, I received my personalised contact lenses and was able to see normally.

Today, I can see clearly and also have new glasses with my prescription at hand in case I need to move overseas again. I can honestly say that Querido and Davison Optometrists in Newcastle, provided the best eye treatment I have ever received.  

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