NEW YORK, NEW YORK, NEW YORKKKKKKKK!! Modo is devoted to designing eyewear that blends effortless minimalism with seamless functionality, made in New York it is inspired by the city and others like Milano, Stockholm.

MODO combine manufacturing technology and hand-crafted tradition, their drive is to share a purpose, and with their “Buy A Frame – Help A Child See” pledge, they provide free spectacles to those in need with every pair of MODO purchased.

MODO have ranges such as the PAPER-THIN TITANIUM which is just 6.8 grams! They are made with 0.6 mm thick Beta Titanium 153, and combine the lightness and strength of Titanium with the utmost flexibility. With outstanding memory, the frame will always return to its original shape, comfortable, flexible and colourful ranges that perfectly adapts to the shape of your face.

It’s a complex material to work with, due to its strength and high flexibility. Manufacturing Paper-Thin Titanium requires state of the art laser technology, as well as high-precision bending equipment to turn a two-dimensional laser-cut shape into a Paper-Thin Titanium frame.

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