Etnia Barcelona

Si, amor! Made in Barcelona Etnia frames incorporate their frame designs with myths of the Art and Photography world. The brand quotes that “Etnia Barcelona is art, colour, light. It's Barcelona, it's culture, it's quality.”

A great brand for anyone from a petite style frame, to a larger eye size for men too giving something to fit everyone.

Etnia Barcelona’s team study trends to create new colour combinations, constantly analysing the collection to update and improve existing models, changes in colours, details and finishes. They are always in close contact with their European partners such as ourselves for ideas and feedback. Their frames are definitely ones that you need to try on before you judge, they are so beautiful!

This family run company has grown over three generations embracing inherent family values and an abundance of acquired knowledge. Etnia is classic and modern at the same time,  fashion wise it is subtle and statement with it’s interesting combinations of styles and colours, we love it!

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