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Keratoconus Management

Living with Keratoconus can be as challenging as the environments that you encounter. You will undoubtedly struggle at times to strive to achieve adequate eye comfort and vision to live a happy life, doing the things that you love.

Thankfully, Querido & Davidson is more just than a “keratoconus friendly practice”. You will find that our specialist experience in managing Keratoconus and the range of products we provide,  allows us to offer you a “toolkit” approach to living a happier life, by providing the right products to suit your activities from driving to sports and computer use.

At your initial assessment you will be offered a tailored solution to tackle your difficulties, using a number of keratoconus management methods that fill that toolbox with all you need.

From Spectacles and Specialist Soft contact lenses to Corneal Gas permeable contact lenses and even Scleral contact lenses - there is a huge range of products out there to help you, and we will find the best solution for you. Our large product range for keratoconus can usually be fitted and dispensed within 10 days of your initial enquiry. Leaving you to get on and enjoy life with minimal inconvenience.

Your time is precious, and we understand that visiting hospital eye departments can be inconvenient as well as costly due to loss of earnings and using up holiday entitlements. With that in mind, you will be offered appointments that fit around your needs - your work and family. We open late two evenings a week as well as Saturdays and have appointment availability within a matter of days normally.

Testimonial - MR I Brimer

I was diagnosed with Keratoconus around 16 years ago and have really struggled with the whole NHS infrastructure, even trying a hospital change (Sunderland to Newcastle) to try and secure better treatment and faster access to care and support.

However, since moving to Querido and Davidson around 6 months ago and engaging the help and support from John Davidson I can honestly say I wish I had made the change years ago. Yes there are some costs to pay, however in terms of the support and access to 24/7 contact it’s worth every penny. If you are suffering at the hands of three month waiting times and sitting in Eye Hospital A&E just to get seen I can recommend John and the team at Querido & Davidson.

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